PNE Expands Procurement of Wind And Solar Power Directly From The Producer

More and more electricity customers want to purchase wind and solar power directly from the plant operator. While EEG electricity has to be sold on the electricity exchange as “gray electricity”, a direct supply contract (Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)) establishes an agreement between the electricity consumer and the electricity producer (plant operator).

The PNE Group reached a major milestone in the area of “Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) as a Service” s last year, as the company now supports over 100 wind and photovoltaic project companies.

In 2023 alone, PNE’s PPA team advised 39 wind and PV project companies with a total capacity of more than 337 megawatts on the conclusion of short-term and long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). This increased the number of renewable energy projects managed to a total of 107.

As a link between plant operators and electricity consumers, PNE helps to realise attractive conditions for smaller renewable energy projects and thus promote decarbonization.

“With its successful PPA deals, the PNE Group is securing its leading role as a consultant and broker for PPAs,” says Nils Kompe, Head of Energy Supply Services and PPA Management at PNE AG. “Further negotiations on the conclusion of PPAs are in the pipeline, so we’re anticipating a brokered energy volume of up to 3 terawatt hours by the end of the year.”

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