Here Comes the World’s Largest Model on Land

Windey’s innovation team officially launched the Kunpeng platform, a platform for large capacity turbines on land. The first model of the platform is WD175-6000/6250. The diameter of its rotor is 175 m and its rated power is 6000/6250 kw. It has recently obtained the design certification by the domestic authoritative certification body, and will obtain the type approval and be put into the market in batches in the second quarter of this year.

It has the largest impeller swept area of the current wind turbine on land, more than 24,000 m2. Under the annual average wind speed of 7 m/s, the annual equivalent hours are more than 3,500 hours, which enables it to have excellent power generation performance. Its power generation performance leads the whole industry; The platform for it combines the system technology fully verified by 3MW, 4MW, 5MW and advanced modular concept, having high reliability; It adopts 1,140 V electricity access scheme, which has better network related capability; can intelligently warn of various operation faults and achieve stopping and resetting for turbines, and reasonably plan the field level operation and maintenance; Realize the lifecycle intelligent maintenance.

The large-scale wind turbine has become an inevitable trend for the development of wind power industry. Larger capacity and higher tower height will lead to more competitive power generation cost. Based on this background, the Kunpeng platform adopts a brand-new modular architecture to break through the bottleneck of transportation and lifting of the large capacity wind turbine on land, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1) Modularization of design: The modular design of each system is based on the unified interface, which can quickly combine a series of products according to the demands of customers to meet the needs of the project. Through flexible power control, the rated power can range from 6MW to 7MW and the diameter of the rotor can be expanded to 180 m or more.

2) Modularization of transportation and lifting: The main components of the wind turbines can be separated into independent modules and transported to the site for assembly. The existing tonnage crane is used to complete the lifting, which greatly reduces the difficulty of transportation and installation of large MW wind turbines on land. The maximum weight for WD175-6000/6250 to transport and lift is only 95 tons, and its volume and weight are both the smallest among those of similar models in the market.

3) Modularization of operation and maintenance: the major components of the wind turbines can achieve on-site modular examine and repair, reduce the difficulty of disassembly and assembly. At the same time, the creative design of in-nacelle self lifting device instead of crane can reduce the lifecycle operation and maintenance cost of the wind turbines.

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