RWE Receives Funding Commitment for Renewable Hydrogen Plant

Germany energy company RWE announced it has received a €4.7m funding commitment by the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia to build a 5MW renewable hydrogen plant in Bedburg.

The funding commitment brings RWE one step closer to building the plant which according to Sopna Sury, COO Hydrogen at RWE, will require an estimated total investment volume of €25m.

The project is planned to include an electrolyser, powered by local wind farms, and a filling station which will enable the hydrogen to be transported by road as Bedburg is not expected to be connected to the core hydrogen network planned by the German government.

According to RWE, implementation of the project will depend on whether economically viable long-term purchase agreements are concluded with customers in the local area and surrounding region.

If this is achieved, the plant could start producing hydrogen from 2026.

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