Bureau Veritas Announced as Certification Body for CertifHy Scheme

CertifHy has announced that Bureau Veritas will be the certification partner in the scheme that will offer certified proof of origin for hydrogen throughout Europe, the two companies said 27 July in a joint press release.

Bureau Veritas, which had global revenues of €5.7billion in 2022 and specialises in laboratory testing and inspection and certification services, will perform audits to ensure that the energy produced meets the scheme’s requirements.

CertifHy is a European Union voluntary scheme for the certification of hydrogen as a renewable fuel of non-biological origin (RFNBO) and grants a tradeable value to renewable and non-renewable hydrogen.


The certification of hydrogen has been a topic of discussion for several years as to what will qualify as renewable hydrogen.

The requirement for hydrogen certification has become a global issue rather than a regional issue with Europe in particular set to see imports of ammonia from other regions.

One of the European Commission’s criteria surrounding renewable hydrogen is that grid power can be counted as green if it originates from a bidding zone where electricity is produced at less that 18gCO2eq/MJ.

It is possible that such a threshold will be translated to other global regions such as Africa and North America to qualify as renewable hydrogen and therefore able to be accepted.

CertifHy said on its website that the “objective is to go beyond Europe’s borders in the future” implying that the certification will not be limited to Europe’s domestic hydrogen production.

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