UK Government Proposes New Investment to Support Long Duration Energy Storage

The UK Government proposed a new cap and floor regime to support new large-scale, long duration energy storage (LDES) projects in the UK. This programme, developed following detailed analysis of the impact LDES can have on the future GB power system, aims to accelerate how LDES can significantly reduce the cost of delivering electricity to consumers across the UK. Invinity believes this recognition that “LDES provides flexibility in the energy system, helping to replace the need for unabated gas generation” is an important step forward for our business as it paves the way for the UK to better use new and existing renewable generation and lead the way in emissions reduction as the world transitions to net zero by 2050.

The analysis provided by the Government highlights the key benefits LDES offers in terms of reducing emissions and system costs both through reducing curtailment of existing wind generation and providing additional flexibility to the grid in support of further renewable build out and growing demand driven by the rapid electrification of transport and heating systems.

Today, our UK-manufactured flow batteries are already making a positive contribution to the UK grid at a number of customer sites across the country, including at the Energy Superhub Oxford (pictured above) where our batteries have been providing grid flexibility services since early 2022. Our safe, proven technology continues to be the leading alternative to lithium-ion for stationary battery storage projects across the world and our batteries embody a number of key characteristics which mean they are ideally suited to supporting the LDES requirements of the UK grid in the future:

  • Designed and assembled in the UK, powering Britain from Britain;
  • Classed as Long Duration Energy Storage, capable of between 3-24 hour discharge;
  • Mature, proven technology, deployed worldwide at more than 80 sites;
  • 20+ year service life with high throughput and unlimited charge-discharge cycling;
  • Sub-second response capability, qualified for all major UK ancillary services;
  • Safe and non-flammable, reducing planning permission risk; and
  • Fully recyclable with positive asset value at end of life.

The Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) open consultation announcement on the proposed regime follows a commitment in the British Energy Security Strategy to have an appropriate policy in place to enable private investment in long-duration electricity storage projects by the end of 2024.

Invinity joins many others in the UK energy industry in applauding the UK Government on taking this positive step which will significantly support the roll out of vanadium flow batteries as part of a wider portfolio of LDES technologies and will have a significant impact on mitigating grid constraints and accelerating progress towards Net Zero in the UK.

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