Nikola Opens First HYLA Hydrogen Refueling Station in Southern California

Zero-emission transportation, energy and infrastructure solutions provider Nikola Corporation has opened its first hydrogen refueling station in Southern California under the HYLA brand.

The station can refuel up to 40 Nikola Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks daily. The station is part of Nikola’s strategic plan to build up to 60 hydrogen refueling stations in the coming years, nine of which are expected to be operational by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

Nikola will have HYLA operational technicians on site around the clock to ensure a smooth and efficient refueling process for its customers.

” We are thrilled to open the first HYLA hydrogen refueling station in Southern Calif., marking a significant milestone for Nikola and offering convenient access for our customers. Easing the transition to a zero-emission trucking future and prioritizing access to a hydrogen solution network is our top objective and we’re just getting started,” said Nikola Energy President Ole Hoefelmann.

Nikola’s goal is to partner with industry leaders to ensure a robust hydrogen supply chain and refueling infrastructure to serve a growing customer base. Nikola expects that the ongoing development of the refueling station network will facilitate the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and contribute to the decarbonisation of transport.

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