Wind Power Assignment in Central Sweden

Kanonaden Entreprenør, a subsidiary of AF Gruppen, will carry out the construction work for a larger Wind Farm in the south of Dalarna. The contract has a value of approximately SEK 160 million excl. VAT.

The project includes 15 wind turbines with a total height of 200 metres. The Wind Farm is expected to provide renewable energy equivalent to the annual consumption of household electricity for 54.000 homes.

Kanonaden is to carry out all parts up to the installation of the turbines. The assignment is a turn key contract and includes the design and construction of roads, crane bases, foundations and the wind farm’s internal electricity and communication network.

– We are very happy to receive renewed trust from SR Energy, with whom we previously had a good collaboration, says Bård Frydenlund, EVP of AF Gruppen.

Kanonaden Entreprenad and SR Energy recently collaborated on the construction of the Åby-Abelo Wind Farm, which is the which is the largest wind farm in southern Sweden as well as Riskebo Wind Farm, also in Dalarna.

In line with the strategy of investing in energy and power, Kanonaden has in recent years erected close to 500 turbine foundations in southern and central Sweden, which has provided good knowledge and the opportunity to identify and prevent risks in the projects.

– We are very much looking forward to start the construction of wind farm Älgkullen, which will be a much needed contribution of renewable energy in southern Sweden. The partnership with Kanonaden guarantees high ambitions regarding sustainability in the construction phase. We have constructed several wind farms with Kanonaden and they always deliver with high precision, says Peter Zachrisson, CEO SR Energy, previously Stena Renewable.

The Älgkullen Wind Farm will be built in the first quarter of 2023 and is expected to be operational in 2024.

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