VSB Presents Hybrid Farm Concepts For More Efficient Energy Mix

Hybrid farms, where e.g. wind energy use and photovoltaics are combined, offer the advantage of bundling generation capacities in a very small space.

In addition, hybrid projects allow a more stable network load and more efficient use of shared grid connections, as well as an expansion of the spectrum via the electrolysis of hydrogen and storage and conversion technologies. Hybrid farms thus offer opportunities for achieving the ambitious expansion targets for renewable energies.

VSB, one of the leading vertically integrated developers in the field of renewable energies in Europe, is currently working on the development of several innovative hybrid farm concepts, e.g. in the southeast of Brandenburg. Here, VSB is implementing a project in which the wind power generated is converted directly into hydrogen by coupling a wind farm with an electrolysis plant. This hydrogen not only serves as an energy carrier for local transport, but also supplies regional industrial customers. In addition, the waste heat from the electrolysis process is used to supply the community with environmentally friendly heat.

“Looking to the future of the energy industry, hybrid systems are going to have an important role to play. With the expansion of renewable energy, flexibility in power supply is becoming increasingly important,” says VSB Group CEO Dr. Felix Grolman.

At Husum Wind from September 12 to 15, 2023, VSB will present the advantages of hybrid farms for specific project locations and their implementation.

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