Ultra High Resolution 3D Seismic For Offshore Wind

PGS is committed to providing the offshore wind industry with a technically and commercially viable ultra-high resolution (UHR) 3D solution at scale. Ground conditions have a serious impact on wind farm economics and the operational and financial risks can be high.  Having an accurate understanding of seabed and near-surface conditions is key for the development of wind farm locations and we believe that early access to UHR3D seismic data significantly accelerates the creation of a reliable ground model and can minimize risk and reduce cycle time.

30 Years of Marine Geoscience Excellence

PGS was formed in 1991, with the pioneering vision to develop the most efficient 3D operation in the world. In those days, 3D seismic acquisition was done with one or two streamers, a luxury most people couldn’t afford. PGS changed that. In 1993 PGS towed five streamers, in 1996 it was ten, and five years later it was 16, which today is a normal operation.

Over 30 years the number of seismic contractors has risen and fallen. PGS is still here, serving the industry to the highest standards in safety, efficiency and quality. To be here another 30 years from now, PGS must support the energy transition. Our entry into offshore wind is an important part of this effort. 

PGS’ 3D wind journey is now underway, with our first commercial ultra-high resolution 3D (UHR3D) survey ongoing. This time we do not start with two streamers. We tow 11 on the first survey and intend to further improve our efficiency as we go. 

Offshore Wind In Rapid Growth

Time is of the essence in the fight against climate change. Both at the global, and societal scale and for each individual windfarm project. At PGS we believe we can help to speed up the development process significantly. We think it is possible to half the time most projects spend on site characterization today.

How can that be done? By providing the right data at the right time.

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