Biogas And Biomethane Plants: Green Value Celebrates 22 Years of Pioneering Work

Green Value GmbH has been committed to renewable energies and environmental projects from the very beginning. Active in the market for more than two decades, the focus is currently on project management and control as well as M&A services for biogas and biomethane plants.

“We are proud of our 22 years of experience and expertise in renewable energies and environmental projects,” says Daniel Kellermann, founder and Managing Director of Green Value GmbH. “Our M&A services play a crucial role in supporting investors and companies in this sector. By implementing due diligence, risk evaluation, and transaction control, we help our customers make sound decisions and successfully conclude transactions.”

Looking to the future, Green Value plans to further expand its range of services and strengthen its position as a dynamic service provider in the field of renewable energies and environmental projects.

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