NanoSUN Ltd Announce the Appointment of Neil Tierney as Managing Director

NanoSUN Ltd, the Lancaster UK based producer of the World’s first mass-produced mobile hydrogen refuelling station is delighted to announce the appointment of Neil Tierney as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Neil’s impressive journey is marked by the Leadership of a series of successful ventures. Always focused on the customer, Neil has secured substantial investment capital and has proven himself as a visionary leader in the cleantech business world.

Neil is driven by a passion for sustainability and innovation. He founded ONZO, a home energy management company that was later acquired by SSE and GEO. He also played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Allbirds, a net-zero apparel company. In addition, Neil has also made significant strides within the transport sector and has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable mobility solutions through his involvement with UBCO and PURE Electric, focusing on lightweight electric vehicles.

Neil’s expertise in building brands was recognized by ICF Next, a top-10 global agency that acquired his company, The Future Customer. From this invaluable experience comes a deep understanding of company strategy and market expansion which Neil now brings to NanoSUN.

Under Neil’s leadership, NanoSUN is poised to deliver on its mission of accelerating the adoption of hydrogen as a transportation fuel. His strategic acumen, combined with his passion for sustainability, positions him perfectly to guide the company in helping achieve a greener and more prosperous future.

Commenting on his appointment, Neil said:

“I’m thrilled to join the impressive team at NanoSUN. The company and its international distribution partners are unlocking easy access to on-site green hydrogen at scale to fuel transport and industrial processes. This role is the next logical step for me in climate and clean tech. I’m also delighted to get the opportunity to work closely with the legendary Dr. Graham Cooley.”

Commenting on Neil’s appointment, Dr. Graham Cooley, NanoSUN’s chairman said:

“I’m delighted to welcome Neil to the NanoSUN team as our new CEO. Neil’s experience of building technology companies in the cleantech space, his knowledge of the capital markets and his emphasis on team building and product delivery is a strong catalyst to drive the company forwards. I feel confident that Neil’s leadership skills combined with the NanoSUN mobile hydrogen refuelling product will result in a world-class British company.”

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