Building Trust: A Service Engineer’s Expedition in Ghana

On the vast African continent, the golden sun is shining on a brand new 600-ton SANY all-terrain crane parked in the equipment area of Sky Limit Structure Builders Ltd., the largest lifting equipment rental company in Ghana. Here, amidst the gleaming machinery, a familiar face from SANY stands out.

In September 2022, Yuechun Wang, having completed a year-long training as a service engineer, arrived in Ghana with eager anticipation. For him, this journey represented not only a new phase in his career but also a challenge to his professional abilities. His job is to deliver excellent after-sales service to customers across the country.

The arrival of the equipment signals the start of the work. When the 600-ton crane arrived at Sky Limit in late 2023, Wang meticulously inspected the equipment accessories and provided instructions for the re-coating process. Alongside Hao Yang, a fellow service engineer from SANY’s Heavy Crane BU in China, Wang traveled to the customer’s site, a journey spanning hundreds of miles. Over the course of 16 days, they provided unrivaled professional service, leading assembly and rigorous debugging, while also providing comprehensive operator training sessions.

Given the distinct learning habits and memory characteristics of the local workforce, Wang and Yang extended their support beyond the initial service period. They made regular visits to the customer sites, patiently answering questions and offering continuous guidance and training sessions. Customers praised their unwavering commitment to their duties and exemplary professionalism.

Sky Limit expressed heartfelt gratitude to the SANY service team. They believe that SANY not only provides high-quality products but also demonstrates exceptional professionalism and accountability at the service level.

In fact, just two years ago, Sky Limit was a fan of Liebherr. However, their allegiance shifted in 2022 when Sky Limit purchased their first 80-ton SANY truck crane. Impressed by its quality and performance, the company quickly ordered an additional five machines within six months. By the end of 2023, Sky Limit added the SANY 600-ton all-terrain crane to their fleet.

This comprehensive solution brings tangible value to clients while also improving the reputation of Chinese intelligent manufacturing in the international market.

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