Embracing the Sea, “Sea Wind Series” 7MW Platform Products are Officially Launched

Windey has made important achievements in rapidly promoting the strategy of “two sea projects” (offshore wind power and overseas wind power). And it recently signed the first contract of batch order for overseas offshore turbines, and the order is scheduled to be delivered in 2021. In 2022, offshore wind turbines will usher in an affordable market. Facing the affordable market, Windey has officially launched “Sea Wind Series” offshore wind turbines. Combined with the characteristics of wind resources in different sea areas, “Sea Wind Series” offshore wind turbines are developed and customized by Windey according to the requirements of the return on investment in the affordable market. These offshore turbines have the largest swept area per kilowatt, the lightest weight per kilowatt and the most complete and highly reliable localization rate among those with the same capacity in the market. The excellent power generation performance, high reliability and optimal cost performance will help offshore wind turbines to achieve affordability, and add an efficient instrument to “carbon peak, carbon neutralization”.

A single turbine of “Sea Wind Series” 7MW platform offshore wind turbines has a rated power of 6 ~ 8MW, and the diameter of its rotor ranges from 175m to 195 m. Based on the low wind speed and special wind resistance for sea areas where typhoons generate mostly, the customized design can make the turbines cover the whole sea area. The largest swept area of the rotor is equal to the size of four standard football fields stipulated by FIFA, and the swept area per kilowatt is not less than 4.3 ㎡/kW, which is the largest swept area per kilowatt among those with the same capacity in the market. And improve the power generation performance by 15% through intelligent control technologies such as radar feedforward control, adaptive control, intelligent anti-typhoon strategy, etc. There is an effective guarantee that when the annual average wind speed is 7.5m/s, the annual equivalent hours are more than 3600h. In April 2021, the first WD175-6250 offshore wind turbines of 7MW platform products were officially launched.

  1. Modularization and lightweight to reduce the difficulty of operation in offshore engineering

Due to the influence of weather conditions at sea, the operation window of the offshore wind turbine is greatly narrowed compared to that on land. With the increase of the power level of offshore turbines, the performance requirement of engineering equipment is higher and higher. “Sea Wind Series” 7MW platform offshore wind turbines adopt the design concept of modularization and lightweight, which can realize the flexible collocation of hub, rotor shaft assemblies, gearbox, frame, generator and other large parts according to the power and project demand. The weight per kilowatt for the nacelle is less than 23 kg/kw. According to the performance of the owner’s construction equipment, a customized modular or integral lifting scheme is provided. The scheme makes full use of the existing offshore lifting equipment, and reduces the requirements and technical difficulties of offshore engineering equipment. Meanwhile, it has a function of push-button start-up. After the completion of blade lifting, the push-button start-up can realize the immediate lifting and starting, which effectively improve the efficiency during the offshore operation window period.

  1. The core parts are 100% made in China and large parts can be replaced without the main crane

Windey has carried out an environmental adaptability design for “Sea Wind Series” 7MW platform offshore wind turbines, continued to use the classic and high reliable technology route on land, and researched and designed the key systems of core parts such as blade, gearbox, bearing, converter, pitch system and main control system in depth, realizing the 100% localization rate for the key systems of core parts; In the development of the model, the maintenance space and special maintenance equipment of large parts are considered to realize the replacement of large parts with weight no less than 60t without the main crane, and effectively reduce the maintenance cost of large parts. The classic and reliable technical route ensures the reliability of offshore wind turbines. The independent R&D and the development of professional maintenance equipment reduce the cost of manufacturing, procurement and maintenance of large parts for offshore wind turbines.

  1. The lifecycle intelligent operation and maintenance and its low cost

Based on intelligent sensors and big data intelligent analysis technology, Windey has independently developed an intelligent fault diagnosis system for offshore wind turbines, which can realize online health diagnosis and management of offshore wind turbines and incorporate cloud platform technology to implement the “Smart Cloud Operation and Maintenance and Cloud on Duty” for unattended offshore wind turbines, effectively reducing their operation and maintenance cost. It has been deployed and implemented in the offshore wind farm in Rudong, Jiangsu, in November 2020.

Windey’s “Sea Wind Series” platform confronts the affordable market. It is developing 10MW + level offshore wind turbines with large capacity, in which it inherits the classic high reliability, lightweight, intelligent control, excellent power generation performance and other qualities from turbines on land, carries out an environmental adaptive design, equips an intelligent fault diagnosis system and implements “Smart Cloud Operation and Maintenance” to lead the affordable market of offshore wind turbines. Meanwhile, Windey also actively explores the integrated industrial mode of offshore wind power + offshore ranching, hydrogen production, marine tourism and other new energy oriented industries, providing new development paths and solutions for new energy.

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