SANY’s Commitment to Quality and Service Resonates Across the Philippines

SANY made significant strides in its service campaign across the Philippines. The fall initiative spanned a remarkable 4,800 kilometers across the northern island and Mindanao. This campaign, involving a dedicated team from the service, marketing, and R&D departments, aimed to reinforce SANY’s dedication to customer service and product quality.

Covering 41 clients and involving 360 vehicles, the campaign’s journey exceeded 10,000 kilometers, reaching 90% completion thus far. Central to this initiative was a customer-focused approach, where the team conducted comprehensive inspections, focusing on customer needs, equipment usage, maintenance standards, and parts availability.

In the challenging landscape of the Philippines, comprising over 7,000 islands, the service team confronted extreme weather and remote, inaccessible mining areas. Despite these challenges, they relentlessly pursued their mission, ensuring the smooth operation of SANY machines and delivering on the company’s promise of high-quality service.

Feedback from clients, like the one in the Surigao region suggesting improvements in the durability of dump truck friction plates, was taken seriously. The R&D team engaged in on-site research, leading to significant design enhancements and adding water spray devices to meet these specific needs.

Innovation continued with the introduction of Euro V new products featuring advanced braking technologies and strengthened structural components, tailored for the demanding mining environments in the Philippines. The team also provided comprehensive maintenance manuals and training, ensuring the efficient use of vehicles and alleviating post-purchase concerns with a well-stocked central warehouse in Manila.

The campaign not only solidified SANY’s reputation for reliability but also opened opportunities for repeat purchases. Clients in regions like Surigao and Northern Luzon showed renewed interest in SANY’s products, indicating the success of the initiative.

SANY’s extensive service campaign is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, laying the groundwork for continued contributions to the Philippines’ infrastructure development.

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