5139.1m, Windey’s Wind Turbines are Successfully Assembled in the Wind Farm with the Highest Altitude Around the World

Under the guidance of the national strategic planning of “30·60” two carbon targets, Tibet, which is located in the ultra-high altitude area, began to vigorously promote the implementation of wind power projects to continuously promote the development of renewable energy. c

At 11:30 on May 21, 2021, the installation of the distributed wind power project 6# WTG in Zhegu Town, Comai County, Tibet, which is the wind farm with the highest altitude worldwide, was successfully completed. This wind farm is located in Zhegu Town, Comai County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, at the northern foot of the Himalayas, with an altitude of 5139.1 m. And it is equipped with 2200GX wind turbines designed and produced by Windey (the wind turbines are designed for 5500 m altitude).

Due to the extremely low atmospheric pressure and air density in the ultra-high altitude areas, which is only 60% of that in the coastal area on average, the thrust of the wind turbines is seriously reduced, and the blade stall is more likely to occur. It also presents more challenges to the optimization of aerodynamic performance, the improvement of insulation and heat dissipation performance of electrical components, and the optimization of protection design for wind turbines in the high radiation environment. In addition, the excessive temperature difference between day and night also poses a great challenge to the fatigue resistance of wind turbine materials. In order to conform to the adaptability of ultra-high altitude wind turbines, Windey focused on the reliability and environmental adaptability of them in the harsh operating environment at ultra-high altitude at the beginning of their design.

Aiming at the problems of low air density and blade stall in the wind farm at ultra-high altitude, the special airfoil design with excellent aerodynamic performance is adopted for the blades. At the same time, a vortex generator to delay the separation of airflow is installed to effectively improve the stall performance of wind turbine blades under the low air density, and to increase the power generation combined with the optimization of control strategy.

For the harsh operating environment at ultra-high altitude, the corresponding design is deeply studied and adopted. The electrical equipment has fully considered the insulation and voltage resistance, creepage distance, temperature rise and heat dissipation, moisture resistance and dehumidification, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment in the harsh environment. Moreover, the electrical equipment has passed the joint electrical performance test of all components under the simulated altitude of 6000 m, such as temperature rise test, withstand voltage test and lightning strike test, at one time.

The successful installation of the wind farm 6 in Comai, Tibet, provides operation data support for the research and development of ultra-high altitude wind power, and promotes the technical exploration of wind power industry in the ultra-high altitude area. The construction of wind farms in Tibet will also provide a new way to improve the local energy structure, enrich tourism resources, revitalize the rural economy and promote the economic and social development. In the future, Windey will, as always, adhere to the spirit of deploitation and innovation, bravely climb the peak of wind power technology, and will continue to meet new opportunities and challenges with high spirits and confidence to win, contributing to the promotion of wind power technology innovation and the realization of the national dual carbon goal.

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