Renewable Energy’s Intelligent Wind Farms in the Era of IoT

With increasingly severe energy and environmental challenges, sustainable development opportunities presented by IoT-enabled power systems become rather considerable. As the demand for electrification and new, low-carbon energy steadily increases, the traditional power industry is driven to transform to innovate and supply intelligent power solutions optimized for integration and interaction.

True to the industrial genes of the SANY Group, SANY Renewable Energy has developed an industry-leading intelligent wind farm operation system by introducing advanced control technology from Europe and cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent control, intelligent sensors, prediction control and digitalization technology.

SANY Renewable Energy’s intelligent wind farm operating system is constructed by digital interconnection, intelligent analysis and CLRTO. As an extension of the wind power cluster, the operating system is deeply integrated with SANY’s wind turbine design, its power-generating capacity is highly economized by intelligent control technology, guaranteeing clients’ profits. In addition, SANY Renewable Energy has done well in utilizing digitalization to solve information islands by generating more power and reducing breakdowns and maintenance costs.

SANY’s Shenxianling Intelligent Wind Farm, having the reputation of “the most beautiful wind farm”, is a perfect example of a win-win scenario of with both economic and ecological benefits by integrating wind power generation, environmental protection and tourism.

To date, SANY Renewable Energy has served over 200 wind farms around the world with SANY technology. Intelligent technology is the way of the future. At SANY, we feel a sense of duty to contribute to a sustainable future for our world. And we will continue innovating and improving SANY technology to generate more power while offering the best value and service possible.

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