Sinovel Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Base to Settle in Hami, Xinjiang

Sinovel Wind (Group) Co., Ltd. held the grand stone-laying ceremony of Sinovel & Hami Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Base with the Administrative Office in Hami District. Senior officials that attended the ceremony respectively were Yaseng Sidike, the Deputy Commissioner of the Administrative Office in Hami District as well as LiuZhengqi and Deng Yan, both of whom are the Vice Presidents of Sinovel, et al.

Sinovel Wind (Group) Co., Ltd. is the first professional high-tech enterprise in China to have independently developed, designed, manufactured and marketed large wind turbines. Ever since its inception, Sinovel has adhered to technical innovation, localization, large-scale production and international expansion as its development strategy and has been growing by leaps and bounds. With the new installed wind power capacity of 3.51 GW in 2009, Sinovel ranked No.1 in China and No.3 in the world. As a leading manufacturer in China for manufacturing wind power equipment, Sinovel has formed the industry pattern with Beijing headquarters as the center radiating its profound influence across the whole nation and established bases in Dalian, Liaoning Province, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, Jiuquan, Gansu Province, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, etc. There are abundant wind energy resources in Xinjiang with a promising future in the wind power equipment market. Located in the abdominal region of Asia-Europe and the economic circle of western Asia, Hami District takes a principal and unique strategic position. Sinovel’s decision on investing and constructing bases in Hami has fully expressed its confidence in the development of China wind power industry as well as Hami.

On September 1st, 2010, Sinovel Wind (Group) Co., Ltd. and the Administrative Office in Hami District signed the Agreement on Wind Power Industrial Base Project in the 19th Foreign Trade Fair, Urumchi. Senior officials that attended the Fair were Guo Lianshan, the Secretary of the Administrative Office in Hami District, Gulixiati A’budukade’er, the Commissioner, Han Junliang, the Sinovel Chairman of the Board, Liu Zhengqi, the Sinovel Vice President, et al. Both parties reached agreement in accelerating the construction of wind power industrial bases and comprehensively pushing forward the industrial and technical upgrade in Hami as well as Xinjiang district.

From signing to the smooth commencement of the Project, Sinovel & Hami Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Base has received support with kind effort from all levels of governments and departments in Hami. With a gross investment of RMB 1.5 billion, Sinovel & Hami Wind Power Industrial Base is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of the first half 2010. The annual production capacity of 1.5 GW wind turbines will be formed with the output value exceeding RMB 5 billion after that time. The base will become a modernized wind power industrial base that combines the manufacture and marketing of 3 MW and 5 MW wind turbines, service, training and supply of spare parts all together.

It is reported that on the China Wind Power (CWP) 2010 Conference & Exhibition that has just finished, Sinovel declared that the self-developed 5MW wind turbines with global independent intellectual property right had been manufactured officially on October 12 and the 6 MW wind turbines were planned to be off the assembly lines in the first half of next year. As the first 5 MW wind turbines in China, the grid-friendly 5 MW wind turbines of Sinovel feature the internationally advanced mainstream technology independently developed by Sinovel with such advantages as the large single-machine capacity, the large installed capacity in unit area, the high efficiency in wind power utilization, the favorable economic returns, etc. After completion, Sinovel & Hami Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Base will become one of the important manufacturing bases of Sinovel’s 5 MW wind turbines.

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