Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association on Clean Hydrogen Guidance

Frank Wolak, the President and CEO of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) issued the following statement in response to the release of guidance on the Section 45V Credit for Production of Clean Hydrogen by the U.S. Department of Treasury:

”The guidance announced today by the Biden-Harris administration will place unnecessary burdens on the still nascent clean hydrogen industry. The nation needs common sense solutions for this tax credit that are aligned with the congressional intent to spur robust economic development and create jobs while reducing carbon emissions.”

“Congress intended the tax credit to spur domestic clean hydrogen production and allow the United States to maintain an international competitive advantage, not to be an inadvertent backdoor to regulate use of the electric utility grid.”

“The United States cannot achieve its climate goals without clean hydrogen and these proposed regulations and requirements will unnecessarily hold back our domestic industry, driving investment, manufacturing, and technology leadership overseas.”

“FCHEA and members will continue to engage throughout the comment process to advocate for appropriate rules to enable the scale-up required for the clean hydrogen industry to prosper and contribute to our national decarbonization goals.”

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